Electronic consignment note KuljetusVelho

Our electronic consignment note system KuljetusVelho is an easy and convenient tool for managing transport orders. When orders are submitted via KuljetusVelho, they are immediately on the desktop of the transportation coordinators and they can start their work. The customer enters their data into the system and manages it. The customer sees the prices immediately in the system and can monitor the progress of the transport via the system.

The electronic consignment note system helps us to make our operations more efficient and it makes transport reporting easier. KuljetusVelho is used in all transport taking place in Finland. You can start using KuljetusVelho by registering in the system.

Electronic consignment note is not yet used in international transport

The introduction of electronic consignment note systems to cross-border transport is still in the development stage, since different countries use – due to differences in legislation – different kinds of consignment notes. In international transport, a transport agreement must always be confirmed with paper consignment notes, signed by both the sender and carrier. For now, international transport orders must still be submitted via email booking@kuljetusliikekristo.fi

When you need a reliable partner to manage goods transport from Lapland and Northern Finland to the rest of Finland or Europe – and naturally also vice versa – contact Kuljetusliike Kristo. The company was established in Rovaniemi in 1975 and specialises in northern conditions. Our terminals are located in Oulu, Keminmaa, Rovaniemi and Ivalo.

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