Data protection Statement

Recruitment form – data protection statement and personal data file description

1. Controller:
Kristo & Kumpp. Oy
Teollisuustie 64
96320 Rovaniemi

2. Person in charge of register matters:
Joonas Kristo
Teollisuustie 64
96320 Rovaniemi
Tel.: +358 40 519 0474

3. Name of register:
Kristo & Kumpp. Oy:n recruitment form

4. Purpose of personal data processing (purpose of use of the register):
The purpose of the register is to maintain a file of the job applicants of Kristo & Kumpp. Oy for use by recruiters and recruiting supervisors. The application is a so-called open application. Information of the open application will be stored in the register as long as needed.

5. Data content of register:
The job application forms include the following data: information on what kind of work the person is applying for (position, form of employment, city) and the following personal data: name, date of birth, address, telephone and other contact information, education and work experience as well as language skills.

6. Regular data sources:
The data is provided by the person applying for a job.

7. Regular data disclosure and data transfer outside of the EU or European Economic Area:
The data will not be disclosed outside of Kristo & Kumpp. Oy or outside of the EU or European Economic Area.

8.Principles of register protection:
Manual material: to be printed only when needed. Printouts are stored in the office facilities of Kristo & Kumpp. Oy. Electronically stored data: The electronic register is stored in the office facilities of Kristo & Kumpp. Oy. Both registers can only be accessed by members of the personnel instructed to do so.

9. Right of inspection:
A person having submitted an application has the right to inspect any personal data they have submitted, request the correction of incorrect data and to resort to their rights safeguarded by the Personal Data Act. The inspection request shall be submitted in writing and duly signed to the person in charge of register matters (contact information, see item 2).

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