Kuljetusliike Kristo & Kumpp. – Reliable Partner on Northern Roads Since 1975

The Rovaniemi-based company Kuljetusliike Kristo & Kumpp. was established in 1975 due to transport needs: the company of the founders needed transport services and they decided to produce the services themselves. Currently, the company has terminals in Oulu, Keminmaa, Rovaniemi and Ivalo, and the area of operation extends from Lapland to all of Finland, Scandinavia and Europe. At the moment, the company employs approx. 70 persons working as drivers, repair workshop mechanics, transport coordinators, terminal staff and administrative personnel.

Our headquarters is still located in Rovaniemi where our operations started. We are well familiar with the conditions on the northern side of the Arctic Circle and our fleet has been equipped accordingly. We specialise in arctic conditions and, thus, we can transport live reindeer, among other things.

Our modern fleet is an investment in quality and sustainability

Kristo has approx. 40 heavy combination vehicles (lorries and delivery vans), out of which 10 are equipped for temperature-controlled transport. Kuljetusliike Kristo & Kumpp. renews its fleet on a regular basis. We maintain a high level of reliability by investing in our fleet. Our own repair workshop also helps in keeping the wheels in motion.

Besides the reliability of operation, renewing of our fleet is also good for the environment – the newer the fleet, the lower the fuel consumption and emissions. Annually, a new heavy-duty vehicle in constant use consumes thousands of litres less fuel than one that is over 10 years old. When a fleet consists of dozens of vehicles, the annual impact is considerable.

When you need a reliable partner to manage goods transport from Lapland and Northern Finland to the rest of Finland or Europe – and naturally also vice versa – contact Kuljetusliike Kristo. The company was established in Rovaniemi in 1975 and specialises in northern conditions. Our terminals are located in Oulu, Keminmaa, Rovaniemi and Ivalo.




Kuljetusliike Kristo


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